Friday, 12 October 2007

Kerala Real estate listings, flats & apartments

Real estate market in Kerala, to a great extend depends on NRI investments, a unique situation where majority of the investors are actually living outside the country. Real estate websites often provides the first level of information about the various upcoming and ongoing projects in Kerala.
KeralaListings property marketing introduces contact centre for Kerala Real Estate for property buyers in Kerala. Customers can get property information for free through KeralaListings contact centre. Property listings are given with complete information. However confidential listings can also be given where the traceable property and seller data is protected. Some of the features are

1) Search for Kerala villas, flats & apartments. Find apartments in Cochin & elsewhere in Kerala.
Trivandrum Apartments - Search for apartments in the capital city.

Thrissur Apartments - Apartments in the cultural capital of Kerala

Calicut Apartments - Flats & apartments at calicut.
All projects given with floor plan, location map etc.

Reseller units can be listed in the site. This allows users to see apartment units of sold out projects which are listed for resale.

2) Search for land in Kerala. Listings are given with details like frontage, location name, Pin code, Corporation/Municipality/Panchayat where it belongs etc.

3)villas in Kerala. Details like land area, constructed area, no of beds & baths, year of construction, year of major modification (if applicable)

4) Kerala estates Kerala commercial property listings.

5) Multi parameter search – Narrow down your search to a municipality or even village. Select corporation, municipality or even village for location. Search using pincode to get property listings of a particular area.

6) Compare properties online - The selected properties from the search results or bookmarked page can be compared in a tabular format. KeralaListings uniform data structure makes this possible.

7) Confidential Listings - A property can be listed confidentially. i.e, the traceable information is hidden from the public. This is especially suitable for commercial property listings and existing business listings. Many residential property listings are also under confidential listings. The seller is contacted through email or email queries are informed to the seller through phone from KeralaListings.

8) Option to give seller, property and contact address separately - Useful when you are away from the property you wish to sell.

9) Bookmark listings for future reference. Simple Registration, typically takes less than a minute.

Monday, 1 October 2007

KeralaListings & Kerala Real Estate

The economic development and the inflow of NRI investment has given rise to an unprecedented growth in the real estate sector in Kerala. New constructions are taking place in the residential as well as commercial sector. A large number of flats and apartment projects are coming up in Kerala in places like Cochin, Trivandrum, Thrissur, Calicut, kottayam etc.

Cochin especially with many major develpment projects coming in the area is a major attraction for property investment for Keralites. Almost all major builders have their apartments project in Cochin.

The Kerala real estate market faces a unique situation where a large number of potential customers of these property development projects are NRIs who are living outside Kerala. Reaching out to this people is a challenge faced by all those who are in the property development business in Kerala.

KeralaListings property listing & marketing is less expensive and time saving compared to the traditional ways of real estate marketing. Free property information is given to customers through the contact centre. with its unique listing service that gives good visibilty to the real estate development projects in the state, giving a detailed description of the available property listings. Powered by a powerful search function, the property of choice can be found from the various property listings easily.

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