Tuesday, 5 October 2010

What is the real cost of your new flat or villa?

Most property developers as you might know quote the price per sqft. So your 1200 sqft flat costs Rs.1200 X sqft? What you need to know is that a plethora of other charges that comes along with it. Unfortunately there seems to be as many different ways of pricing as the number of builders. While the base rate might be the square feet rate multiplied by the area, the actual cost of owning a property might differ a lot. (In most cases higher than a new buyer might expect) For example there are some builders who include the parking charges along with the sqft rate while there are others who charge up to 2.5 Lacs for a dedicated parking space.

Statutory charges are what you need to pay apart from the construction cost. Some builders give a bundled price which may include some of these charges. Statutory charges include Service tax, VAT etc. All of these charges may not be completely known to the buyer beforehand.

Some thing like round the clock security looks attractive, but actually it has nothing to do with neither the construction nor the project as a whole, as it is the residents association that needs to provide and maintain the security personnel.

Apart from all these, there are the registration and stamp duty charges when you want to make that property your own legally.

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                Do KeralaListings offer best prices?
                Which project? They all look same!               

Which project? They all look same!

It is true; many projects look same on paper. A pictorial representation of the elevation is good to get an idea about how the building will look like. Also floor plans serve its purpose in providing you the room layout and areas. But that may not be sufficient if you are planning to buy that property. The value of a property may be decided by other factors as well.
The accessibility of the project site from the city or from other major landmarks can be a factor. A new road network or any developmental programs around that area may boost the value of the property. Another factor is the quality of materials & fittings used. Rarely but it happens that fittings are of substandard quality and may need to be replaced for the satisfaction of the owner. Well, never ignore the specifications part. Any project location has its positive as well as negative aspects. An apartment complex at the heart of the city may not be liked by all. One has to collect relevant information from reliable sources and make a decision weighing different priorities.

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              What is the real cost of your new flat or villa  
              Do KeralaListings offer best prices?.

Do KeralaListings offer best prices?

KeralaListings works with various builders in Kerala to get the best suited property based on your budget and requirements. It is all about giving the right project to the right buyer. KeralaListings follow a Direct Developer Price Policy which means what you get is the price offered by the Developer at that time. When we say best price, it means the actual selling price which may slightly differ from the List price given in the website. 
KeralaListings strictly follows this pricing policy. KeralaListings works with many different builders and projects and we offer the best price at any given time as we exercise our choice and we pass this benefit to our customers. If KeralaListings cannot provide the best price for a particular project at any given time, we will stop promoting that project/builder.
It is our Price Challenge.

See also Why KeralaListings?   
              What is the real cost of your new flat or villa  
              Which project? They all look same! 

Why KeralaListings?

Property buying is not some thing one does very often. An average person might buy one or two properties in his lifetime. Unlike other tangible goods a piece of real estate is not some thing that you can compare or evaluate easily. Nor can it be displayed in a showcase. There are too many different parameters which can determine its price and value and these factors may not be very obvious. In addition to these, there is the legal soundness of the property. 
A buyer knows best what we wants, but many times he may not know what all he ought to know before making that buying decision. Something that one may think as a big bargain may actually cost more when the actualities are met. A clean and transparent deal with all the information known clearly is better than a patchy deal supposedly to save a few bucks. KeralaListings helps customers make informed home buying decisions. It gives unbiased information including project reports, recent pictures of the development etc. You get that highly personalized attention while you finalize your deal. Our marketing tie-up with our builder clients ensure you pay the same price in any case.

See also Do KeralaListings offer best prices?
              What is the real cost of your new flat or villa  
              Which project? They all look same! 

Thursday, 23 September 2010

Pearl Homes Thrissur Villas Pictures

Pearl Homes Thrissur Villa - Photos as on July 2010
Pearl Homes project details

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Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Dream Homes villas at Valappaya, Thrissur Photos

Dream Homes villas at Valappaya Thrissur Pictures as on July 2010
Dream Homes Villas project details

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Regal County Kakkanad apartments flats Pictures

Regal County flats, apartments at Kakkand, Kochi, Photos as on August 2010
Regal County project details
regal county, regal projects tower 1
regal county,tower 2 & 3

regal county, regal projects amenities
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Regal Valencia at Kakkanad apartments in Kochi Pictures

Regal Valencia Kakkanad photos as on August 2010
Regal Valencia project details

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Tiknar Olina flats apartments at Edapally photos

Tiknar Olina flats and apartments at Edapally photos as on August 2010
Tiknar Olina project details.
Tiknar Olina, tiknar homes

tiknar olina, elevation
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Summer Nest Aluva flats apartments Photos

Summer Nest Aluva flats apartments Photos as on August 2010
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Santhi Lotus apartments flats at Aluva Pictures

Santhi Lotus Aluva flats near river Periyar photos as on August 2010
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Priyar Theeram - Luxury flats / apartments at Aluva pictures

Periyar Theeram Aluva Luxry flats and Apartments Photos as on August 2010
Periyar Theeram project details

periyar theeram, Thrissur builders, elevation
periyar theeram, Thrissur builders, back view

periyar theeram, Thrissur builders, elevation, front view

periyar theeram, Thrissur builders, river view
periyar theeram, Thrissur builders, road view

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MB Heights Aluva Pictures

MB Heights, Aluva Apartments / Flats - Photos as on August 2010
MB Heights Aluva project detailsmb towers, moopan builders

mb towers, elevation
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Madhurya Harmony Apartments at Aluva Pictures

Harmony, Aluva Apartments - Photos as on August 2010
Harmony Apartments Aluva project details

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Landmark Apartments at Aluva Pictures

Landmark Apartments at Aluva - Photos as on August 2010
Landmark Apartments project details

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Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Periyar Infinia at Aluva Pictures

Periyar Infinia Aluva - Photos as on August 2010
Periyar Infinia project details

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Monday, 7 June 2010

KeralaListings.com offers projects from Oceanus Dwellings Pvt Ltd.

KeralaListings.com offers projects from Oceanus dwellings Pvt Ltd at various cities in Kerala. New projects are added in Kannur apartments , Palakkad apartments and Kasaragod Apartments pages.
Oceanus Primrose & Oceanus Palms at Thrissur, the former one is a luxury apartment at Kuriachira near unity Nagar and the latter an exclusive villa project near Thiroor.
New projects in Trivandrum are Oceanus Heights, Oceanus elite and Oceanus Rainbow all the three are apartment projects. The first one at Karyavattom and the other two near Technopark.
In Kochi Oceanus maple at Edapally and Oceanus Cresent at Nedumbassery are the new projects.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

KeralaListings Business Associates

KeralaListings is looking for business associates around the world for providing better sales support. The incumbent should have good understanding of the Kerala real estate market, transaction procedures and a flair for marketing.
Kindly check KeralaListings home page for details.

Palmdale apartments in Trivandrum

KeralaListings has a new Trivandrum apartment project announced. Pamldale apartments in Trivandrum is close to the city at Venpalamattom. This project has just 18 units in 6 floors with the ground floor used for parking and lobby only. The listed price is Rs.2800/sqft and as a prelaunch offer is giving 50% discount on parking space charges. The developer promises high quality fittings and materials. The project is reasonably close to most of the city landmarks.

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