Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Which project? They all look same!

It is true; many projects look same on paper. A pictorial representation of the elevation is good to get an idea about how the building will look like. Also floor plans serve its purpose in providing you the room layout and areas. But that may not be sufficient if you are planning to buy that property. The value of a property may be decided by other factors as well.
The accessibility of the project site from the city or from other major landmarks can be a factor. A new road network or any developmental programs around that area may boost the value of the property. Another factor is the quality of materials & fittings used. Rarely but it happens that fittings are of substandard quality and may need to be replaced for the satisfaction of the owner. Well, never ignore the specifications part. Any project location has its positive as well as negative aspects. An apartment complex at the heart of the city may not be liked by all. One has to collect relevant information from reliable sources and make a decision weighing different priorities.

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